Active Range

Active Range

We have a range of active ultra-lightweight wheelchairs to suit your lifestyle and for a perfect fit to your personality, including folding or rigid bases. Our active wheelchair range includes models from leading names such as Invacare and Sunrise Medical.

The base price starts at £1,163 + VAT for our Invacare XLT model. As these are prescription based wheelchairs the total price is dependent upon the final configuration required.

Quickie Helium
The ultra-lightweight wheelchair for outstanding performance. Using modern Carbotecture and hydroforming technology to deliver an extreamly strong, sturdy and ultra-lightweight wheelchair. Highly adjustable to your needs.

Seat Width:320 – 460 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Seat Depth:340 – 480 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Front seat height:430 – 570 mm (in 10 mm increments)
Rear seat height:370 -500 mm (in 10 mm increments)
Back height:250 – 450 mm in 25 mm increments
Max. User Weight:125 kg
Product Weight:from 6.8 kg
Frame Colours:32 colours

Quickie Argon2
The fully adjustable lightweight active wheelchair. The new Argon2 is the ideal combination of a rigid performing and multi-adjustable active wheelchair, great for users who are developing their driving capabilities over time and require more active settings.

Seat Width:300mm – 500mm (30cm – 50cm)
Seat Depth:300mm – 500mm (30cm – 50cm)
Front seat height:450mm – 520mm (45cm – 52cm)
Rear seat height:340mm – 520mm (34cm – 52cm)
Back height:250mm – 450mm (25cm – 45cm)
Max. User Weight:125 kg / 140 kg (option) – (19.70 stone / 22 stone option)
Product Weight:From 8 kg
Frame Colours:32 Colours

Quickie Neon2
Lifestyle meets performance with this folding wheelchair. Bursting with personality and style, the lightweight and affordable Neon2 provides an energy-efficient ride that you’ll never want to be without, and it easily fits into the of smallest cars!

Quickie-Neon-2Seat Width:300mm – 500 mm (30cm – 50cm)
Seat Depth:340mm – 500 mm (34cm – 50cm)
Front seat height:350mm – 570 mm (35cm – 57cm)
Rear seat height:330mm – 530 mm (33cm – 53cm)
Back height:250mm – 475 mm (25cm – 47.5cm)
Max. User Weight:140 kg (22 stone)
Product Weight:from 11 kg
Frame Colours:32

Kuschall K Series
With its iconic minimalist open frame and lightweight design, the K-Series allows you the ability to enjoy everyday activities and the freedom to be you. Combining exceptional driving performance, rigidity and lightness with aesthetic appeal.

Frame Angle:75°/90° V-frame or tapered
Seat Width:320mm – 500 mm
Seat Depth:320mm – 525 mm
Front seat height:450mm – 520 mm
Rear seat height:380mm – 490 mm
Back height:270mm – 480 mm
Total width:Seat width +170mm
Max. User Weight:130 kg (20.5 stone)
Product Weight:from 7.8 kg

Kuschall Ultra Light
This foldable wheelchair is light and compact designed to suit an active lifestyle, offering both high mobility and independance.

Kuschall-ultra-lightSeat Width:280mm – 500 mm
Seat Depth:320mm – 500 mm
Front seat height:430mm – 530 mm
Rear seat height:390mm – 500 mm
Back height:300mm – 510 mm
Total width:Seat width +180mm
Total width folded:290mm approx.
Max. User Weight:130 kg (20.5 stone)
Product Weight:from 10.1 kg

Invacare XLT
Get perfect support – remain active! The ideal entry level active rigid chair for day to day use, designed to be perfectly adjusted to fit the body offering support and enabling and improving independant and mobility.

Invacare-XLTSeat Width:355mm – 480 mm
Seat Depth:400/450/500mm
Front seat height:400mm – 520 mm
Rear seat height:380mm – 490 mm
Back height:200mm – 490 mm
Total width:Seat width +200mm
Max. User Weight:135 kg (21 stone)
Product Weight:from 9.8 kg