Children’s Wheelchairs

Children’s wheelchairs

Our Childrens wheelchair range features many of the latest models available today. Prices start at just £539 + VAT for the base Action3 Junior Small.

All of the chairs in this range are configurable, with options such as paint colour and back type to name but a few. Please be aware that such configurable options will determine the final price of each model.

Invacare Action 3 Junior
Invacare-Action-3-JuniorInvacare Action®3 Junior® is a lightweight, foldable paediatric wheelchair designed for children aged between 3 and 15 years. Action®3 Junior® has been developed to match the individual needs of the child and can grow as they grow. As a child’s needs will change the Action®3 Junior® offers a large range of options to accompany the child in their development and to provide the necessary clinical support.

Zippie Youngster 3
Zippie-Youngster-3Discover new places, make new friends, have fun and play! By design, the Youngster 3 truly enables this and more.  It’s proven heritage married with the latest technology ensures that this folding paediatric wheelchair is genuinely suited to the needs of parents, carers and users alike. Remember when it comes to style the Youngster 3 is no lightweight, when it comes weight it is!