Moving & Handling

Moving & Handling

Our Moving & Handling Range includes portable hoists and stand aids, slings and handling belts. Our portable hoists start at £895 + VAT for the Invacare Birdie Compact with manual leg. Most of our slings are available in 4 different types of fabric; solid polyester, net, spacer and parachute (special).


Invacare Birdie & Birdie CompactInvacare Birdie & Birdie Compact
‘With maximum space for the user, both the Invacare Birdie and the Birdie Compact offer a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor.

The lifters are designed to ensure that folding and unfolding can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be dismantled into two parts if needed – also without tools.’

Invacare Reliant 350Invacare Reliant 350
‘The Invacare Reliant 350 Stand Assist is a compact and maneuverable mobile lifter that provides safe and comfortable assisted transfers for those with limited mobility or rehabilitation needs.

The Invacare Reliant 350 can be used to transfer a client that cannot transfer unaided, but has some level of weight bearing ability, from one seated position to another. The robust design with a maximum weight limit of 158 kg (25 Stone) allows for additional support whilst transferring, preventing unnecessary strain on both patient and carer.’


Invacare-Universal-High-Sling-118x150Invacare Universal High Sling
Supports the whole body and the head giving the client a comfortable and slightly reclined position.The Universal High Sling is typically used for those who have limited control of the head, trunk or hips – or for transfers to and from a lying position. The Universal High Sling can also be used for seated to seated transfers. This sling can also be used without the head support, by simply removing the plastic rigidisers.

Invacare-Universal-Standard-Sling-109x150Invacare Universal Standard Sling
Supports the whole body; including the shoulders. This sling should only be used for those who have good head control. The Universal Standard sling is often preferred as an all-round sling for the elderly, as it supports the entire body and gives the client a feeling of comfort as well as an unobstructed view. This sling can be used for seated to seated transfers and is easy to apply. This model also has a stiffened fabric in the back section, to ensure optimal weight distribution and comfort for the client.

Invacare-Universal-Low-Sling-112x150Invacare Universal Low Sling
Supports the hips and lower back. The Universal
Low sling can be used for those who have some trunk control and full head control. It is used for seated to seated transfers and is easy to apply. This sling also has stiffened back section to ensure optimal weight distribution and comfort for the

Invacare Dress Toileting SlingInvacare Dress Toileting Sling
The Dress Toileting Sling is suitable for those who have limited mobility. The model with head support is designed for clients who also have reduced head control. The
Dress Toileting Sling is suitable for those who want to be able to dress and undress during the toilet transfer. It is used for seated to seated transfers and is very easy to apply.

Invacare-Easy-fit-SlingInvacare Easy-fit Sling
Supports the whole body and the head, and is therefore suited for clients with the most challenging physical disabilities. The specially designed separate leg supports are easy to apply, and the sling affords a good hip position, which allows the client to sit relatively upright. The
Easy- fit sling is also well-suited for amputees. It is easy
to apply in both sitting and lying positions.

Invacare Comfort SlingInvacare Comfort Sling
This sling model is available in two versions. The Comfort Sling supports the whole body – including the head. The Comfort Standard Sling supports the whole body including the shoulders, but not the head. The latter is suitable for those who have good head control. The Invacare range of Comfort Slings is ideally suited to those with chronic pain. The sling is also useful for above-knee amputees or for those, who due to postural position or pain, prefer to remain in a seated position. Both the Comfort and Comfort Standard Sling can be put on while the client is lying down and used to transfer the individual into a seated position.

Invacare Amputee SlingInvacare Amputee Sling
This model is specially designed for the safe transfer
of clients with single or double amputations. The sling affords the user comfortable support in a slightly reclined position. It is important that the client has good head control.



Invacare-Transfer-Stand-Assist-SlingInvacare Transfer Stand Assist Sling
The Invacare Transfer Stand Assist Sling can be used with the Reliant 350 lifter and enables a simple seated transfer. This sling is used for those with good body and head control who are able to grip the lift boom.



Select Healthcare Universal Sling
Available with or without head support, the Universal Sling is easily fitted and gives full body support for the patient/client.



Select-Healthcare-Locomotor-SlingSelect Healthcare Locomotor Sling
A general purpose sling with a small toileting aperture and suitable for most hoist transfers. The Locomotor Sling is also available in two materials: Knitted polyester and knitted polyester mesh. The mesh sling is particularly suited to bathing, allowing water to drain quickly when removed from the bath.

Select Healthcare Toileting SlingSelect Healthcare Toileting Sling
The Toileting Sling is quilted throughout to provide maximum comfort, while at the same time allowing access to remove clothing for toileting purposes. Now provided with a non-slip waistband.