Positioning range


Our positioning range features products from some of the best manufacturers available today. Starting at just £100+ VAT for the Syst’am comfort back support.

Syst’am Back Support
Back support made of viscoelastic foam with memory effect and multi-bearing surface

The SYST’AM® back support provides better positioning for patients in chairs, generating reduced forward sliding and consequently greater protection for pressure sores in the sacrum area. It also reduces lateral instability and has side padding to protect the axillary-dorsal zone from direct contact with the chair frame, often painful.

Jay-Shape-BackrestJay Shape Backrest
Premium tension adjustable backrest for greater support and comfort.
Combining a highly adjustable strap system with a soft and breathable upholstery, the JAY Shape is a lightweight and foldable solution for fixed or semi-reducible spinal postures. The backrest can be customised with spine alignment components for maximum surface contact to optimise the pressure distribution and support for fixed postures such as kyphosis, scoliosis, etc.

Jay3-BacksJay3 Backs
A Multitude of Shapes, Sizes and Widths
The J3™ Back is designed with a variety of contour depths, support heights, widths ranging from (12″ to 26″) and support shapes to fit almost every user. This incredible range eliminates compromises and guarantees a correct fit almost every time. Fitting the back to the user not the user to the back is the goal of the Spine-Align Posture Conforming system. This is accomplished by combining a wide range of individual foam components to create unique shapes that optimize postural support, evenly distribute pressure, and maximize function.

Matrx-BacksMatrx Backs
A range of wheelchair backs that provide simple, comfortable seating solutions. Invacare® wheelchair backs range provides added stability and it can be used in conjunction with our leading wheelchair cushion range. The unique supportive design offers protection from pressure ulcer formation and spinal deformities which can cause severe pain.

Matrx-Flo-Tech-BacksMatrx Flo-Tech Backs
The Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Back Support range has been designed to provide added stability to a wheelchair or standard armchair and it can be used in conjunction with any Matrx Flo-tech cushion.