Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs

A selection of some of the best powered wheelchairs available. Our range includes both indoor/outdoor, and outdoor/indoor capable models. Prices in our range start at £1,195 + VAT for the Kymco K-Chair.

Most of our selected powerchairs are configurable via a prescription based form, and the final price of each model will therefore vary; dependent upon the final configuration chosen.

 Kymco K- Chair
Providing you with an extremely portable and easy to manage micro mobility power chair and offering you superior independence and mobility. Recommended for indoor use.

Kymco-K-ChairLength: 35.8″ / 910 mm
Width: 24.8″ / 630-676 mm
Height: 34″-37″ / 864 mm-940 mm
Max speed: 4 mph / 6.4 kmh
Range: 12.5 miles / 20 km
Battery: 21 ah
Seat Height: 18″-21″ / 460 mm – 530 mm
Turning radius: 18.7″ / 475 mm
Max user weight: 18 Stone / 114 kg
Colours: Glossy Black, Royal Blue, Metallic Mink, Cherry Red

Kymco K- Movie NEW
The brand new, affordable, highly manoeuvrable & flexible K-Movie powerchair has been specifically designed to bring you the ultimate in comfort, style & performance. The K-Movie comes available with 2 comfort seating options and many convenient features as standard, with the aim to enable you to enjoy your everyday life to it’s fullest. Whether driving indoors where manoeuvrability is key or driving outdoors where comfort becomes your most important priority, the K-Movie will get you there!

Kymco-K-Movie-NEWLength: 116 cm
Width: 108 cm
Height: 124cm
Max speed: 4 mph / 6.4 kph
Range: 20 mile / 32 km
Battery: 2 x 50 ah
Seat Height: 57 cm
Turning radius: 51 cm
Colours: Metallic Mink
Max user weight: 25 stone / 160 kg

Quickie Salsa M2
Built to prescription. Effortlessly balances superb indoor maneuverability with outstanding outdoor performance and sleek design. Options available include; powered seat lift, powered seat tilt, flip-back armrests, fold-down backrest also lifts off for a more compact size for storage or portability and many more! Crash tested.

Quickie-Salsa-M2Seat Width: 410mm – 510mm
Seat Depth: 410mm – 510mm
Overall Width: 610mm (2-pole motors), 620mm (4-pole motors)
Speed: 6kph and 10 kph 2 mph or 4 mph
Battery Size: 60 and 70 Ah
Max. Range: 32 km with 60 Ah
Turning Radius Max.: 67cm with 70 Degree Swing-Away Hangers 550mm (with centre mount)
Max. User Weight: 140 kg (22 stone)
Colours: White, black, red and blue



Quickie Salsa M2 Mini
Built to prescription. Similar powered options available as the Salsa M2 but with the narrowest mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair on the market! Perfect for those cornish little cottages. Crash tested.

Quickie-Salsa-M2-MiniSeat Width: 410mm – 510mm
Seat Depth: 410mm – 510mm
Overall Width: 520 mm
Speed: 2 mph or 4 mph 6kph and 10 kph
Battery Size: 36Ah
Turning Radius: 550mm (with centre mount)
Max User Weight: 140kg (22 stone)
Colours: White, black, red and blue

Quickie Salsa MND Neurochair
Built to prescription. An evolution of the Quickie Salsa M powered wheelchair with MND clients in mind, developed in conjunction with the Motot Neurone Disease Association to facilitate easy prescription and best value for MND clients and other similar conditions. MND needs change fast – Salsa MND changes fast with it. Crash tested and manufactured in the UK.

Quickie-Salsa-MND-NeurochairSeat Width:Adjustable from 410mm – 510mm / (Adjustable from 41cm – 51cm)
Seat Height:400mm – 470mm (40cm – 47cm)
Seat Depth:Adjustable from 410mm – 510mm / (Adjustable from 41cm – 51cm)
Backrest Height:460mm – 510mm – (46cm – 51cm)
Overall Width:600mm (60cm)
Speed:6 and 10 kph
Battery Size:50Ah
Max. Range:26km
Turning Radius:610mm (61cm)
Max. User Weight:140kg (22 stone)

Quickie Jive M
Built to prescription. Indoor agility and ultimate outdoor high performance with SpiderTrac suspension to help navigate onto and over steep transitions without jolts, forward pitching or instability. With R-Net controls as an option the possibilities are endless and high performance power will always be at your fingertips. Also available with rear wheel drive (Jive R2) or front wheel drive (Jive F). Crash tested.

Quickie-Jive-MSeat Width:400mm – 560mm
Seat Height:420mm – 480mm
Seat Depth:400mm – 560mm
Overall Width:620mm – 660mm
Speed:6,10 and 13 kph
Battery Size:60 Ah / 72 Ah
Max. Range:Approx 40 km
Turning Radius:min. 560mm
Max. User Weight:160 kg (25.2 stone)
Colours: White, red and blue

Pride Go Chair
Enhanced performance and comfort, along with 5 piece disassembly allows you to enjoy light-weight travel and independence on the go. Improved indoor agility.

Pride-Go-ChairWeight Capacity: 21 Stone 6lbs (136 k.g)
Maximum Speed: 3.7 mph (5.9 km/h)
Ground Clearance: 4 cm (1.6”)
Overall Length: 84 cm (33”)
Overall Width: 57 cm (22.6”)
Turning Radius: 64 cm (25.4”)
Battery: 2x 18 AH – 14 kg (30.8 lbs.) each battery pack


Pride Jazzy 600 ES
With compact design and standard Active-Trac® ATX Suspension allowing the power chair to excel indoors and out, making it a superb, all-around power chair choice. Crash tested.

Pride-Jazzy-600-ESWeight Capacity: 21 Stone 6lbs. (136 k.g)
Maximum Speed: 4mph (6 km/h)
Ground Clearance: 7 cm (2.75”)
Overall Length: 90.2 cm (35.5”)
Overall Width: 62.2 cm (24.5”)
Turning Radius: 52.1 cm (20.5”)
Battery: 2x 50 AH



**NEW** Pride Jazzy Air
Introducing the new Jazzy Air® a new era in power mobility. The advanced stability and performance of the chassis allows the Jazzy Air to be safely elevated to 10”, whilst driving at 3.5 mph. The Jazzy Air® features Active-Trac® suspension, which provides unique stability in both the raised and lowered position. Crash tested.

Pride-Jazzy-AirWeight Capacity: 21 Stone 6lbs. (136 k.g)
Maximum Speed: 4mph (6 km/h)
Ground Clearance: 2.5 cm (1”) at motor
Overall Length: 107.2 cm (42.2”)
Overall Width: 64.8 cm (25.5”)
Turning Radius: 57.1 cm (22.5”)
Battery: 2x 30 AH


Quantum Rehab Q6 Edge 2.0
A revolutionary redesign to the industry renowned Q6 Edge®. The Q6 Edge® 2.0 features versatile powered solutions, which can be configured with the highly adaptable TRU-Balance® 3 Seating System. Meeting the needs of the most active user. Also Available with the all new iLevel seat raiser! Crash tested.

Quantum-Rehab-Q6-Edge-2.0Weight Capacity: 21 Stone 6lbs. (136 k.g)
Maximum Speed: 6mph (9.6 km/h)
Ground Clearance: 7 cm (2.75”)
Overall Length: 90.2 cm (35.5”)
Overall Width: 61 cm (24”)
Turning Radius: 52.1 cm (20.5”)
Battery: 2x 55 AH


Invacare Esprit Action 4NG
Built to prescription. The Invacare Esprit Action4 NG is a compact and lightweight power wheelchair  for those that like to get about easily. It’s tool free removable wheels  and compact battery pack make it ideal for transporting (heaviest item weighing only 15 Kg). It has lightweight wheels with an option for self  propel and a reduced overall width (seat plus 170 mm) making it narrow enough to manoeuvre around the tightest of spaces.

Invacare-Esprit-Action-4NGSeat Width:380mm – 605mm
Seat Height:460mm – 485mm
Seat Depth:400mm – 500mm
Backrest Height:430mm – 510mm
Overall Width:Seat width + 170mm
Turning Radius:1860mm
Max. User Weight:125kg (19.7 stone)

Invacare Mirage
Built to prescription. The Mirage is a transportable power wheelchair that provides users with increased comfort and confidence. Its compact design and excellent manoeuvrability gives the Mirage an unrivalled performance indoors. Crash tested.

Invacare-MirageSeat Width:350/400/450/500mm
Seat Height:470mm
Seat Depth:400/450/500mm
Backrest Height:450/530mm
Overall Width:530/570/610/680mm
Folded Width:380mm
Speed:3kph or 6kph
Turning Radius:1800mm
Max. User Weight:120kg (18.9 stone)

Invacare Storm 4
Built to prescription. Take centre stage with the revolutionary new Invacare Storm 4 powerchair which has been created to satisfy even the most demanding requirements for configurability, adaptability and functionality. Various options available such as; seat tilt, seat rise and backrest recline. Crash tested.

Invacare-Storm-4Seat Width:380-530mm
Seat Height:400-650mm/450mm/480mm
Seat Depth:380-530mm
Backrest Height:480/540mm
Overall Width:630/670mm
Speed:6kph or 10kph
Turning Radius:1600mm
Max. User Weight:150kg (23.6 stone)