Specialist Items

Specialist items

Not satisfied with everyday items? Will only the very best do? Then look no further than our specialist range…

Invacare-Top-End-EliminatorInvacare Top End Eliminator
‘The Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR racing chair is designed for speed. The super rigid roll-formed horizontal maintube, combined with a relaxed head tube angle for exceptional stability and aerodynamics, makes this model the choice of champion racers.

If your sights are set on winning, the Top End Eliminator OSR will help you make it to the finish line, first!’

Quickie-Shark-RSQuickie Shark RS
‘The award-winning Quickie Shark RS – the choice of champions. The Shark RS’s new innovative frame is designed to allow for the best individual positioning. Enclosing the driver, when force is introduced, it’s converted directly into propulsion. The low centre of gravity and wide wheelbase enable higher cornering speeds whilst maintaining maximum stability.’

Quickie-All-CourtQuickie All Court
‘Designed with the help of elite wheelchair basketball athletes, the Quickie All Court features a lightweight, adjustable, high-performance frame built for maneuverability and power. From pick-up games to gold medals, the All Court will take your game to the next level.’

Quickie-Attitide-ManualQuickie Attitude Manual
‘The Attitude Manual wheelchair hand bike is ideal for those looking to improve their strength and overall stamina through recreational cycling. 20“ Front wheels and the 30 speed gearing provide an exceptional driving performance which is perfect for all terrains. And the powerful disk brake allows a smooth speed control. Lightweight and easily maneuverable, the Attitude Manual hand bike it‘s the perfect compliment to your active lightweight wheelchair.’